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Daniel RezmerDaniel’s life, although too short, was nonetheless a hero’s journey. From being a shy kid with a slim build he grew into a confident, strong and happy young man who was loved and admired wherever he went.

Daniel lived his life to the fullest.  He was authentic, honest and sincere.  He valued his friendships.  His non confrontational approach earned him many strong relationships with those around him.  For Daniel “happiness is pure goodness.”  His innocent and humble spirit shone through in his mannerisms and body language and naturally attracted people to him.  He was polite and genuine, which made him a pleasant person to be around.

Daniel’s big love even as a kid was to be active. He favoured sports where he could pit himself against his own limits. By Grade 4 he could outrun the older Grade 7 students and when he entered the Vancouver Sun Run, he clocked in with the best time for his age group. He leaned towards solo sports: running, rock-climbing, skiing, but later grew to enjoy the bonding and camaraderie of team activities such as soccer and rugby.

His stamina is legendary. On the Teen Journey trip to Peru when others around him succumbed to altitude sickness, Daniel comfortably strode past the horses laden down with his tired and ill companions. Often after school, he would head out to the field or park and put in an extra hour working out so he would be in top form for an upcoming soccer game.

Daniel and David were always close as brothers and the only fight his parents recall is once when they were little and were fighting over toys.  They were given a time out in the bathroom. Very soon they could hear laughter coming from the bathroom as the boys forgot their quarrel.

Every week Daniel was down at the studios in Gastown working with his father Andrew on the Conscious Living Radio broadcast. It was not only a skill he was good at, but it was a special time for father and son to connect.

His friend and mentor, Zamir Dhanji, wrote in a beautiful reference letter to Quest University, “The most remarkable change I witnessed in Daniel came after his most recent trip to India where he spent 10 days studying with thousands of other monks with the Dalai Lama. I witnessed not a change, but a transformation, whereby Daniel has begun to exhibit the traits of true responsibility. I can see his ability to search within his own mind to discover beliefs that limit him, and a willingness to explore the psychological realms for clues to his own path to greatness and to face his inner obstacles with courage.”

Daniel returned from India to his life as a teenager in Canada deeply touched by the monks’ fervent goal that focused on becoming enlightened. He seriously took on the teachings and those close to him noticed a big change. It was as if he suddenly grew up, grasping the significance of being aware and responsible for his own actions, reactions and even his thoughts. Wise beyond his years.

His mother recalls a moment when they were hiking in the high altitudes of Peru. “I felt like I was walking in the heart of God and I stopped to catch my breath. Daniel passed me and I thought, “Who is that young man?” I knew it was Daniel, but I saw something new in him: he really was in the full bloom of being a young man. “

As he matured, those around him were touched by how he had bloomed into a resilient, resourceful, confident and loving young man enjoying strong friendships and the sweetness of first love with his girlfriend Jacklyn.

His days at Quest University were ecstatic and full of joy. He was excited about his school, his courses, his new classmates and roommates.  From a shy young boy to an independent, strong, responsible, conscious and kind young man, Daniel’s purpose was to help people. Unlike many his age, he was calm, confident and, not dependent on other’s opinions. He had a deep sense of his own truth and worth.

So many photos show Daniel at the back of a group shot. He seemed to love being part of the gang without the need to be front and center. But like his friend Natasha said on his Facebook page: Your smile will always be front and centre in our hearts.

And it is the many, many postings on his Facebook page after his sudden death that speak so eloquently about the wonderful young person at the brink of manhood who will be missed so dearly:

Daniel was a young man already on the path of the journey we all are here to undertake: the journey into the heart of what it means to be human. He brought a quiet inner strength, his will and curiosity, passion and joy to every moment of his life. It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to you, Daniel, for now, but with great gratitude that for a short time you were here and we got to know you and share your beautiful love of life, of people and of nature. You made our world better. Thank you

So many photos show Daniel at the back of a group shot. He seemed to love being part of the gang without the need to be front and center. But like his friend Natasha said on his Facebook page: Your smile will always be front and centre in our hearts.

And it is the many, many postings on his Facebook page after his sudden death that speak so eloquently about the wonderful young person at the brink of manhood who will be missed so dearly:

  • Ammar: We missed you in soccer today bud! Not sure I could have scored the two goals I scored today if you had been playing in the opposing team. I dedicated the two goals to you though. And from now on every single goal I score is going to be for you bud.
  • Oliver: It was a pleasure playing rugby with you on the Ravens squad. You were always eager and up to any challenge you faced, and above all a great guy to play with. I have never heard of a story so courageous and seen a fight as strong as the last one you gave. Every time I’m climbing in Squamish I will always be reminded of you, your courage, and how many people’s lives you changed.
    Possess’d by some great spirit of fire
    Quenched by an early death.
    R.I.P. Daniel
  • Michael: Can never forget that smile, once a Lion always a Lion
  • Blanca: Daniel was extraordinary. He was a true gentleman, who does not have a bad word to his name. His smile and love for life will forever inspire me. He is now our guardian angel. Sending all my love to everyone, miss you so much Dan.
  • Jordi: Daniel, you were definitely one of the sweetest people I have ever met. You always cared and made people smile even if you weren’t even trying. I’m going to miss your funny ways and your loving and contagious smile. I am honored that I had the chance to create so many unforgettable memories with you. You will be in our hearts forever and always. Love and miss you. I will never forget you Daniel.
  • Liam: You had a strong heart and i will forever remember the impact you and your family had on my life.
  • Carley: I’ll never forget my memory of the first time I met you. You were so shy and you wouldn’t say a single word to me. After I started seeing your mum for appointments more often you started to open up to me and we’d have the best conversations. You were always having some new sort of injury when every I was over. By far, you falling out of a tree had to have been the funniest of them all! Your company and support you always made me feel so comfortable and at home. It’s going to be so weird going there and not seeing you around, I’m going to really miss you. I wish that I had the chance before to get to know you better I promise you that I’ll find my light with help your mum & I hope you’ll be proud of me when I do so. You knew how hard I was working on it.
  • Emilie: One of the most beautiful people I know. You’ve taught me to live life to the fullest and be grateful for every minute of it. So here’s to you, to your smile, your laugh, your big heart and being able to tell you anything. You have touched the hearts of many and will forever live in ours.
  • James: We won’t forget you, you’ve left your mark on all of us.
  • Shane: Thank you for the lessons you have taught me and the love you have given my friend! You will be missed.
  • Cassiopeia: A truly beautiful soul, my very own guardian angel. Daniel I know you’re smiling down on us, and will be forever and always.
  • Gypsy: Burning man wont be the same without you.  I will never forget you!

Alexis: One day you and I will be rolling the tramp together. Love you bud

Sophie: You were such an amazing guy and you made my best friend the happiest girl on this planet. I remember when i first met you after hearing Jacklyn talking about you for ages I said “you must be Daniel! welcome to the family!” I’m in shock right now and I cant believe this happened. my love and prayers go out to his family, and most importantly to my best friend and sister Jacklyn, I love you so much jack. know im always here for you. R.I.P. Daniel. You will never be forgotten.


This by the Dalai Lama who so inspired Daniel:

“May I become at all times, both now and forever
A protector for those without protection
A guide for those have lost their way
A ship for those with oceans to cross
A bridge for those with rivers to cross
A sanctuary for those in danger
A lamp for those without light
A place of refuge for those who lack shelter
And a servant to all in need.”
And from His Holiness John Paul the second:

There is nothing man needs more than Divine Mercy – that love that is benevolent, which is compassionate, that raises man above his weakness to the infinite heights of the holiness of God.

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